Soup Season is Summertime !?!?

Soup Season is Summertime !?!?

When the summer months come, and the weather warms up--soup is not always the first thing that comes to mind when deciding on a meal. 

Here are 4 reasons to add soup to your warm weather diet! 

1.  Gino The Soup Man soups are 100% plant based, and made from whole food ingredients.  This means there is nothing to weigh you down, and hold you back. Consuming more vegetables in your diet is a smart move all year long! 

2. Gino The Soup Man soups are naturally low in calories.  Keep that summer look, while giving yourself enough high quality fuel to keep up with all those outdoor activities.

3.  There is evidence and a long tradition in some cultures that consuming hot liquids in summer is more inline with supporting the body's natural functions, and helps  self-regulate your internal temperature.  A piping hot bowl can bring your body more in balance because we naturally sweat when we eat warm or spicy foods. When we consume hot foods or beverages, it raises our body temperature, which signals our body gauge to cool us down.

4.  Consuming soup in the summer can help with staying hydrated!  The high water content of a liquid meal such as soup is just another way to get that essential hydration into your body.  Combine that with the easy to digest ingredients, minerals and micro-nutrients in soup, and you have got a perfect summer meal!


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