Gluten-Free Soups (8 Soups)

All soups in this GinoTheSoupMan Collection are Gluten Free.

100% Plant Based.

8 quarts of delicious, hand made gluten free soups.  Each quart feeds 2-4.

Included in this collection: 

Aztec, Mega Vega Chili, Sensational Split Pea, French Onion, Curried Cauliflower Bisque, Vegistroni, Pumpkin Sage & Hempseed, Chayote Chowder


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Ingredients, delivery & FAQ

Our Soups & Juices are made fresh, and delivered frozen to ensure maximum freshness and nutritional value.

We ship same day from our Kitchen in Reno, NV. Most shipments arrive in 3-5 business days.

Yes, simply build your custom box here of 8, 16, or 24 items. Then select how often you would like your shipment. weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or every 6 weeks.

All juices and soups are vegan and made with the highest quality 100% organic ingredients, no artificial flavors, or preservatives, Ever. Almost all of our soup options are gluten-free with the exception of a few. This will be highlighted on the soup description.

The Great Full Gardens Online store was created by the successful, healthy & all organic restaurant chain, Great Full Gardens.

With 4 restaurants in the Reno, Sparks area & Winners of the National Restaurant Award.

Great Full Gardens set out to build an online store to deliver their award wining soups & cold-pressed organic juices, nationwide.

All of our soups & juices are made fresh, hand crafted with love by our incredible team of cooks at our commissary kitchen in Reno, NV.

Each soup is 1 qt. and feeds 2 people.

Yes, you can order boxes of up to 24 juices, and have the option to have automatic subscription.

We use the freezer as a method of preservation for many reasons.

First and foremost, the nutritional benefits of the fresh ingredients we use are better preserved frozen. Canned and Shelf stable products require them to be over cooked and nutritional values are compromised. Secondly, the fresh ingredients in our products are fully cooked for the first time when you cook them; therefore, giving you a fresh, more favorable experience.

Lastly, by using the freezer we do not need to addition of chemicals or stabilizers in the product reducing the unnecessary use of chemicals in our foods. You receive soup that is as close to home cooked as we can get. You will taste and feel the difference immediately!