The Gino The Soup Man Story

Who is Gino The Soup Man?

History of GTSM Soups 

The GinoTheSoupMan brand of soups is the brain child of Gino & Julianna Scala.  Gino spent 27 years in the foodservice industry as a sales and marketing agent where he became an expert in recipe development, flavor and spice mastering, and procurement.  

Juli Scala is a certified Life Coach and a self taught food flavor master.  They each developed their own recipes and each of those are now made and served to over a million people since 2011.  Their soups began in their home kitchen, with ingredients fresh from their backyard greenhouse.  Soon, they were packing up quarts of soup to bring to their yoga studio to share with other students.  The demand quickly grew, and they installed a freezer in the lobby of the studio to sell the soup--a freezer which was quickly emptied as each class ended! 

It was at that point, the couple realized that they were on to something!  From their humble kitchen, they hired their first employee, Danae Mejia, who still runs the soup operation today.  Soon, GinoTheSoupMan soups could be found at Reno's local Great Basin Community Food Coop, and as the #1 selling frozen food brand in the Reno Whole Foods Market, among other local stores! 

The joy and fun brought to their home around these recipes has been nothing short of bliss and a labor of love.  Each recipe created by Gino or Juli Scala is a demonstration of their co-creative joy, and commitment to each other.

Gino The Soup Man Team

GinoTheSoupMan is made and served fresh daily in the Great Full Gardens family of restaurants in Reno/Sparks, NV. The restaurant concept is one that has delighted many for so many reasons. Our intention is to connect people by having a restaurant concept that works for every lifestyle. By dining together we are partaking in the communal ceremony and connecting with people. This is our highest intention. We believe that our teams are our most important customer; therefore, we provide a working environment where people prosper and quality of life is enhanced.  Learn more about Great Full Gardens here!